The Art of Living in El Gouna

In this series of editorials we will bring the experiences of people living in El Gouna. Motive to stay in El Gouna can be for very different reasons, and at first view we can differ between the following categories:

  • Tourists, staying at one of the hotels
  • Tourists, renting an appartment or villa.
  • El Gouna lovers, looking for a suitable property.
  • Owners, sometimes staying in their property in El Gouna
  • Businessmen, living and working most of the time in El Gouna
  • Families with children, living and working permanently in El Gouna, and
  • Retired seniors, willing to live forever in El Gouna.

All of them have gone through specific terms of preparation, and all of them have their own story, with individual tips and tricks, experiences, disappointments and successes.

In this series we will try to dig into their story, and we’ll hope you can learn from them: to avoid the same mistakes, and achieve the same or even better results.

Our series will start somewhere in June 2005 after we have made our first interviews.

Hope you will enjoy, and, if we ask you, would you like to participate?

Please send us a comment.

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