Transport Facilities

Car Rental:

Orascom Limousine at Tamr Henna EXT 2189
El Gouna Limousine at Sheraton Miramar EXT 8785

Motorcycles: Entrance of Down Town and at Petrol Station EXT 2324

Bicycles: In front of any Hotel in El Gouna

Taxi Service: EXT 2322
Inside El Gouna 15 or 20 LE, Hurghada Airport 90 LE, Hurghada Hotels 80 LE

Shuttle Bus Tamr Henna and all Hotels EXT 2322
El Gouna has an extensive shuttle bus system. They run on a specified circuit and meet at the Bus station.
Shuttle Buses are running from 8 til 24, except the Bustan Bus line which stops from 12 till 15.

Shuttle Boat
The shuttle Boat leave from the central Point of Kafr El Gouna to all hotels and to Zeytouna Beach.
They run from 9 till 17

The information of this service note is based upon information from 2001.
The information probably needs to be updated, which will be done in the upcoming months.
The EGT editor

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