Cup Alarm!

Another funny story happened this morning. If you’ve read the previous story in our series of the Art of Living in El Gouna, you will be happy to learn that indeed, with the window now installed, I had no problems with the mosquitos this night.

However, around 6.15am I awoke because I heard some repeating music, as if a musical alarm or a cellphone went off. I traced it back to this corner in the kitchen.

So imagine what was this alarm?

The Micro Wave oven, the Waterboiler, the Nescafe can, the sugarbox, or perhaps this little box on top of the microwave with a spare lamp?

No, it appeared it was my coffee cup. I bought yesterday a larger cup, because allthough I am not drinking much coffee in El Gouna due to the heat, in the morning I like to make a nice big cup of instant Cappucino. In my opinion it tastes better as Nescafe instant coffee.

Anyway, I bought this cup at Ebeid Supermarket in Downtown, and was already wondering how come that this cup was relatively expensive: my total bill was 52 LE (about 7 Euro, and I had one bread, 6 eggs, one liter milk, some butter, 1 kg sugar, a bottle of sunflower oil, spahetti, and all together that cost 27 LE. (compare this with your prices at home!) So, my cup had cost about 25 LE.

After checking all the appliances, pulling out the power cords, and even suspecting there might be an alarm or a cellphone in the empty appartment upstairs or in the pantry nextdoors, I finally held, quite unbelieving, this cup to my ear and indeed: it played the song again.

So now I am in the proud possesion of a cup (without manual) which plays, whenever it likes, a song. It is not repeatable, sometimes it starts playing when I lift the cup, sometimes it starts to play suddenly by itself.

This evening I take my cup out for a walk: out of the kitchen and put it in the other bedroom, which is at the other side of the appartment. You never know if it has an clock inside to wake me up again!

For those who know this kind of cup: please excuse me, my children are nearly 30 years old, and I have not yet any grandchildren, so even if this kind of cup exists perhaps already 20 years or so, I was not aware!

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