EGT arrived at El Gouna

I arrived late last night at El Gouna with about 97 kg of luggage. I was told by my landlord, and agreed before starting my trip, that the appartment I rent at West Golf is not yet completely furnished, and some small details have yet to be finished.

In one bathroom some brickwork was done earlier that day (or perhaps last week…?) to construct a nice marble cupboard for the washing machine to be incorporated. The workmen probably thought it a good idea to leave open the small windows in the bathroom to have the cement hardened. Probably for that reason they’d turned the lights on also. And the airco was running, of course.

As happens with open windows in West Golf, a lot of sand had entered the appartment, covering anything with a nice yellow layer.

First thing to do before unloading my 5 or so suitcases was to start cleaning at least most of the sand covering the living and kitchen equipment, washing the one bathroom that was not in use by the construction works, run a first test on my computer equipment to see if everything survived the flight handling (it did), and got me installed into one of the bedrooms finally at about 2.00 am.

In both bedrooms however no windows. The windows were taken for being painted before the anti mosquito nets would be attached. So only the wooden shutters were in place, and those of you who know those shutters, typically in el gouna properties, appreciate the small little artistic ventilation holes in it. Those little holes let in the sun at the most unconvenient time of the day, when the first sunbeams fall exactly on your pillow and wake you up at 5.00 am.

At least, that was the lesson I learned already back in April when I was renting another appartment at West Golf. Today I learned also that the holes are also used by the mosquitos to come over and say hello to the newest inhabitant of West Golf. Oh Peter, you told me the Mosquito Season was over now? Seams that the mosquitos didn’t read your e-mail, or else they just moved over to West Golf instead.

Anyway, I brought some nice electric Mosquito tennis raquets with me. They look like small tennis raquets, but incorporate 2 small batteries and if you push a button, the wires of the raquet are loaded with high voltage.

When approaching a mosquito or fly, it will roast them without leaving nasty spots on the white walls of your appartment. So, at 5.56 this morning (4.56 am belgian time) I’ve already practiced as much as Justin Henin did before winning Roland Garos last week.

El Gouna, here we are, Hubert has returned…

Fortunately, I’ve to add to this little story, that today the workmen were very proud to finish the work at the windows and mosquito nets, so I hope this night it will be a night without mosquito’s!

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