Lagoon Trip depends of the tides

We learned from the info Center that the regular Lagoon boat trips can no longer be announced at fixed departure hours.

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The diffence in waterlevel, due to the tides, makes it impossible in summer time to make the popular boat trip at low tide.

Tammy from the Info Center

As the tides are changing each days (tides depends of the moon situation) the Staff of the Info Center has now developed a new timetable that is being adapted to the rythm of the changing tides.

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This guarantees that again three lagoon trips each day can be made, however, not always at the same regular hours as was the case in the past. The Lagoon trip costs 30 LE p.p., children under 6 free of charge.

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Be sure to inform at the Info Center in Tamr Henna or at the reception desk of your hotel when the trips will start. As soon as we get the schedules ourselves, we will publish them in the El Gouna Times.

Today we participated at the morning lagoon trip, resulting in a new Photo Album that can be viewed at: SightSeeing > Lagoon Tour per boat > June 2005

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