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Allthough the following comments have been posted at the appropriate article last week, the risk is there that you are not aware of those comments if you only read the newest articles in the El Gouna Times.

That’s why we have decided to put in future those comments also in our weekly update:

Here are the comments for the Article about El Gouna’s Future, published on September 16th, 2005.

Hi Hubert, agree with all that’s being brought up {except the speed humps } and i wonder if the shortfall of visitors may be partly down to the lack of media & advertising of elgouna in ALL countries. Here in the U.K the papers & tele-text are all Sharm, Sharm and more of sharm! recently the B.B.C. Holiday programme did a half hour show on Elgouna , and what a DISASTER!! A 2 minute talk with the owner, with part of the Marina in the background , 16 minutes with the lady presenter talking about how she feared DIVING, a minute getting instruction and 2minutes with the fishes!! NO Real Elgouna, Shops, homes, Hotels beaches Eateries Etc Etc. We both work and in contact of say approx 300 people, and iv’e yet to meet one who knows where elgouna is. even my friend ’s daughter this year booked 2 weeks in Hurgada, and even though we’ve talked alot about elgouna, the local travel agents have Little or No information on our town?
All the best to everyone. keep up the great work. Ps, any chance of an update on the
young lady who had the road accident. as our thoughts are with her and the family. Ron Green fife SCOTLAND

Hi Hubert, Well done for all your efforts and hopefully your comments will be noted and actually acted upon. El Gouna is not perfect, but where is. Let us hope though eventually it will be as good as it can be for everybody, although hopefully not turning into a Little Europe. We all come to, and buy property in, a country that is not like our own because, as well as the sunshine, we want to be somewhere different. Keep up the good work. Regards, Jenny Salter.

Hi Hubert – thanks for today’s information on the El Gouna Times Web Sites – I think you have raised some of the same things we have thought.
We are not sure who would be managing some of the difficulties or improvements suggested or whether El Gouna is just developing organically. I have always questioned how the shops and restaurants make enough money to survive as a business. Every time I have been to El Gouna there seems to be very few people there even in the hotels.
I hope we can meet up in November and maybe chat about some of these things.
In the meantime, yesterday I discovered (by accident) all of the wonderful photographs you made of our Duplex W1-0-4. I was so excited that I then managed to lose them all somewhere and cannot get them back.
When I open the album file now it tells me the number of images that there are but will not anymore show me the photographs. Would you please post them again for us as we were thrilled and wanted to download them. Many thanks and look forward to November in El Gouna – Vicky

Hi Vicky, tx for your response to this article. And sure we can meet in November. About the pictures in our Photo Album: the bug has been fixed by now and the pictures are available again. Greetings, Hubert

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