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Based in the heart of El Gouna, Egypt, in a shop at the corner of Tamr Henna, N&B Concept has become the ultimate supplier of complete furnishing and accessorizing apartments and villas in El Gouna.

Interview of July 1st, 2005 at N&B Concept, El Gouna
Profile: Noëlle and Bruno Bleeckx. Originally from Waterloo, Belgium, mid 40’s, married, 2 children (attending school in Egypt). Speaking French, Dutch, English, Italian and a little Arabic, Bruno and his wife Noëlle live already 4 years in a Golf villa. Since early 2002 (so just after 9/11) they decided to startup together the N&B Company: Furniture and Decoration items, with the accent on quality and service.
N&B Concept is based in El Balad, at the corner of Tamr Henna, Downtown El Gouna.

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I met Noëlle and Bruno in their office where they showed me that running a business in El Gouna is not possible without the modern means of communication: computers with high-speed wireless internet connection, mobile telephone and fax are the instruments you need to run your business on a professional way and give your suppliers and clients the possibility to be reachable at anytime.

While starting up their business, Noëlle and Bruno offered also some additional services, but realized soon enough that in Egypt, you cannot do everything. So they decided to concentrate on supplying quality furniture and decoration materials, and became the El Gouna Experts in the selection of fabric collections and for the realization of all manufactured items. More information about their products can be found on their website at www.nbconcept.com

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What struck me most, however, when talking with this dynamic couple, is the fact how they love Egypt and El Gouna. One would think they might just promote their business when having an interview with the El Gouna Times, but most of the time we discussed the “Way of Life” in El Gouna and talked about the wrong illusions a lot of Europeans make when living here.

Of course they too realize that doing business in Egypte is not always easy, delivery dates are not always fullfilled, and that one has to make quality checks over and over again, but there is no reason to moan all the time.

As Bruno put it: “…You have to realize where you are running your business. This can only be achieved successfully if you don’t think just business, but give also human respect to the people you are counting on and working with. Since centuries family and human respect are the most important tradition in Egypt, and if you don’t respect it, you can’t become happy nor successfull in the long run…”

And Noëlle adds: “Making regular visits to Cairo to meet suppliers and manufacturers, we return at our villa and enjoy the SILENCE of El Gouna. It’s so peaceful and quiet. It gives you again new energy for your job and you’ll still find the time to enjoy the way of life in El Gouna”.

And: “…meanwhile, we’ have made a lot of friends in Egypt, not only clients, but also and especially Egyptians. The diversity of the cultures gives so much additional value to your life, which seems to be impossible nowadays to achieve in tough businesslike Europe. We are glad to live here…”

Certainly a couple worthwhile to know. And you can!

N&B Concept
119 Building Hi – El Balad
Telephone:+20.65.549702 ext:2237
MOBILE: +20.12.7320897
FAX: +20.12.7349336
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: www.nbconcept.com

Open from 10.30 am to 01.00 pm and from 06.00 pm till 8.30 pm
From Saturday 01.00 pm until Monday 06.00 pm only on appointment.

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