New Embroiderie Service in El Gouna

New Embroiderie Service in El Gouna

At Tamr Henna, under the Arcades, a new Shop has been installed by Ibrahim Fahim and his charming daugther since August 2005: San Bola for Embroiding offers the opportunity to have special slogans, logo’s or hieroglyphic names to be put on your T-Shirt or Polo-shirt, caps, baskets, or towels without being washed out after some times.

El Gouna Times has tested an example and after the shirt did pass even the El Gouna Laundry Test, we honestly can advide this service.

Prices vary from 85 LE for a T-Shirt to 120 LE for a Polo Shirt. It will take from 1 hr till 1 day to have your personalized item ready.

How about:

A desert is Sand without any Bush
El Gouna, No Rain – No Brain
Wife and Dog missing, Reward for Dog.

San Bola for Embroiding is open from 11 till 23, and can be reached via Local Ext 2166. More pictures and motives can be found in the special Photo Album Shopping > Shops 2005 > San Bola for Embroding

Now it is up to you to invent a new slogan, please add nice slogans as a comment here below by clicking on Write a Comment

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