New Marina Development

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On November 19th, 2005, the official launch of the new Marina development was presented to interested residents and future owners in La Rotisserie in El Gouna. The staff of the various real state agencies in El Gouna were present to book the first orders. For the moment, six villas and a series of appartment blocks are being offered at a price of about 1,800 $ per square meter.

Two maquettes represented the new extension of Abu Tig Marina, for the moment being named New Marina. It will be developed adjacent to the existing Abu Tig Marina, creating an extension which brings together the gap between the existing structure and Mangroovy beach (adjecent to the road at the backside of Captain’s Inn towards Moods).

The architectural style (by Alfredo Fredo) of the new Marina will be simular to the existing designs previous implemented in Yemeny style

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The size of the new harbour will be much larger as the two already existing harbours, and will give room to yachts up to 50 meter length.

Seen from seaside, at the right wing of the harbour, several blocks of apartment buildings will be erected with only very limited commercial space.

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Basically there will be at this side one large restaurant/café and probably a small tabacheria/newspaper store. In other words: most of the ground floor space in these blocks have been designated as ground floor apartments with their private gardens. Privacy is given to these gardens with high walls, yet obscured views are compensated by gazebos overlooking the New Marina. A possibility to integrate private pools in the gardens of these ground floor apartments is possible but optional.

At the left of the new harbour there will be an elevation all along the backside of Abu Tig Marina with a greened slope, about 8 meter of heigth. To the right of that wing, a series of 6 villas will be build plus a conference center with open air restaurant. Graham Thorpe, a well-known resident in El Gouna who owns for the moment a villa in the Golf area, signed already up for villa 4, as Graham told El Gouna Times. Right next to Moods’ Beach Bar a new shopping center (called Plaza) will give room at still more shops in El Gouna.

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In contrary to the newest site plans distributed on the event, the maquette on site shows that a series of apartment blocks may be erected on top of the hill in a yet future development (overlooking the six villas at the harbour…).

Because the presentation at La Rotisserie concentrated around the sale of the real estate objects, we were not yet able to receive confirmed details about the capacity of the harbour, nor if the existing beaches need reshaping. We keep you informed as soon as we receive this information from Orascom.

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