Lost Orbit: Gone For Good!

When following up on the disappearance of Orbit channels from El Gouna cable TV service, I was sorry to hear that they are gone for good. According to Eng. Sameh Kamal, in charge of satellite and telephone networks, Orascom is currently putting together a replacement package to fill the blanks.

For those of us hooked on TV, there is still the paying satellite alternative. But wouldn’t it be frustrating to play right into the hands of those who cut the free service? My choice: wait and see what comes on the cable and, in the meantime, make-do with the remaining channels and a few good books!

Should you decide otherwise, here are the options:
Showtime, ext. 77955 in Marina
Orbit, ext. 2174 in Tamr Henna
Nilesat, mobile 012 549 63 29 (Shazly) in Hurghada

by Françoise

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