La Baleine Blanche

Expedition La Baleine Blanche in the Marina

Discover the secrets of the Red sea – this is the 2005/2006 expedition of “la baleine blanche”, a french association, organizing since 1983 long term educational sea excursions open to young boys and girls from 11 to 15 years old.

The skipper with some boys on Iluna

ILUNA – the sailing boat of the association, with a group of young sailer reporters, left Marseille (France) last october, and now arrived at Abu Tig Marina. Nine months far fromhome, family, friends and school discovering the sea, new places in the world, new traditions, new people and discovering also themselves.

Routine works to be done

An educational experience to keep in their mind for the rest of their life, and an experience that other students around the world can share through photos , videos and reports they did during the voyage.

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by Annalisa

The route of the expedition

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