New Year’s Eve impressions

Arriving on December 29th in El Gouna, I hoped to see how New Year’s Eve would be celebrated. Trying to get some impressions at night time with a digital camera is not so easy, but as a matter of fact, there was not very much to see in El Gouna during this typical Western celebration.

Indeed, we learned that most of the festivities took place at the hotels, with special menu’s for the hotel guests, sometimes in their normal restaurants, often in special tents erected on the hotel resort, and combined with live music and dancing groups.

For most of us, the new year celebration is synonym with fireworks. At La Kasbah, Orascom had invited their staff, but the predicted fireworks had been canceled due to security reasons. Some of the restaurants in the Marina had very nice new year menu’s. But here too, the only fireworks we noticed were two rockets being fired from the peer, and one rocket being answered from a yacht. In one “unnamed” chique restaurant, the last remaining couple was told at quarter before midnight to leave the restaurant and celebrate nextdoors at a café…

In Kafr El Gouna, the only “fire”works we noted was the fireplace in front of the La Palma Karaoke Bar.

So, why not write your impressions about New Year’s Eve in El Gouna as a “Comment” here below? I’m sure a lot of our readers are curious to know where the “highlife” was in El Gouna.

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