Open Letter from T. H.

We received the following “Open Letter” from T.H. from England to be published.

All our worries have come home to roost.!!

Prior to the more recent rumours about Mohammed / Hamada who operates out of Eva’s Warehouse between El Gouna and Hurghada we paid him a deposit for the furniture for our duplex last April, and in the early summer paid in full for white goods purchased at a trade fair in Cairo on our behalf.We had visited Eva’s warehouse, had been recommended by El gouna owners/businesses who had used him – and were taken to several properties that he had provided furniture for – in spring 2005, everything looked positive.

The furniture was due to be delivered between 18th-22nd December and was supposedly made and ready. “Aapparantly” Government officials had closed Mohammed’s workshops the week we arrived due to trading discrepancies and Mohammed asked for a further week to solve the problem. Eva’s Warehouse was open however. As we had to return home for Christmas work committments, and respecting the Coptic Christmas, a contract was drawn up between ourselves and Mohammed at the government Offices in Hurghada stating that furniture would be delivered or our payments returned ( plus 25%) on or before 22nd January.

We have now lost all communication with Mohammed – his mobile number is diverting to Eva who is unable to say where he is, no response to text or e-mail.We have no furniture and no money either.

We are in the process of instructing an Egyptian lawyer to deal with the matter (no small task when you are not in the country and don’t speak Arabic!), have e-mailed the British consulate in Cairo and also advised Orascom (from whom we have since had a personal phone call from Hamza Selim). Obviously Orascom have no responsibility whatsoever for the mess we find ourselves in, but this man still supposedly lives in El Gouna (somewhere on the golf) and his German partner Eva is regularly about down still. We are now aware of at least 4 other Golf West owners who have paid him deposits – there are probably MANY more.

Heed the warnings – the rumours seem to be true

(Name and address known to the editor)

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