Questions about Hospital Membership Card

Residents are really disappointed about the El Gouna Hospital membership card issued from January 1st, 2006. (EGT reported about it in an earlier issue.)

Residents visiting the El Gouna Hospital

In the morning of January 24th a representative group of around 40 residents went to the hospital to complain and ask more details about the card required to continue the Egyptian price level . The point is that residents are not tourists, they live and work in El Gouna even if they are european.

Up till the end of the last year residents were considered from the hospital like egyptians but from the beginning of the new year they are like tourists. Egyptians will pay for the card an annual fee of 120 LE to get visit for 20 LE and residents will pay 405 LE or 60 euro to get visit for 40 LE. What’s going on?

The General Manager Dr. Medhat Milad who met gently the residents in the Hospital, said that in a couple of days he will answer.

by Annalisa

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