Tourist saved from drowning at Abu Tig Marina

On Sunday, Feb. 12, the German architect A.L. and his wife were going out with some guests on their boat early afternoon, when they saw a couple at the entrance channel of the marina at the marina beach side.

The woman was yelling, the man was floating in the deep water of the channel with his hands up in the air; only sometimes raising it above the waterline. Mr. L. realized the dramatic incident and jumped in the water immediately, while his boat was turned around the stern showing towards the drowning man in the water.

Mr. L., who had saved some people before from drowning in the waters of Croatia, lifted the man, who had lost his conscious, into the boat, where his wife and the Austrian journalist Reinhard Kremer, a former Major for the Austrian Red Cross Rescue team, started to reanimate the man. They were successful, and the Egyptian man started to breathe again after vomitting some water.

In the meantime Mrs. Kremer called Andrea Brum of the Abu Tig marina via cell phone and asked for an ambulance. The woman in the water, a young girl from Germany, was also taken aboard and the boat went back to the marina. It moored near the Mood´s restaurant. Within a couple of minutes all the vital functions of the young man came back, but he was still onconscious. The ambulance arrived quickly and a doctor gave the man an injection and took him to the hospital.

The young girl who was with the man, told Mr.L., that she tried to teach her fellow companion to swim in the marina entrance channel. They ignored the many signs interdicting swimming in this area. Soon the man came into deep water, the girl, a beginning swimmer, could not help him. He drifted away from her and by the time he had to fight for his life he was already taken away some 25 meters.
A couple of minutes later and it would have beent too late for the young man.

by Reinhard
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