International Yacht Ralley to Red Sea

In El Gouna from April 19th to 21st
Meet the seamen on Fri, Apr 21st @ Abu Tig Marina!

Sea without limits!

Yachts from all over the world have registered for the 2006 Med Red Rally starting 07 April till 02 May.

From Turkey to Israel through the Mediterranean Sea, & through the Red Sea to explore Egypt and the African Coast, sailors from Turkey, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Holland, Sweden, South Africa, Great Britain Switzerland and Israel are gathering in April 2006 for the International Yacht Rally.

The Med Red Rally – the largest international yacht rally of its kind is about to set sail. Dozens of yachts and their crews from all over the world will participate in Med Red Rally 2006, the largest international yacht rally of its kind.

The Med Red Rally offers sailors the opportunity to participate together with other seafarers from all over the world in a unique challenging adventure. Only a sporting event of this magnitude can bring people together for a shared experience that transcends national boundaries and cultures

Boats will stay at Tawila Island on April 19 & 20 and will arrive at Abu Tig Marina on April 21, where they will also participate in the Marina Street Festival.

From Suez city, the route will take them to Abu Tig Marina in El Gouna:
“Abu Tig Marina in El-Gouna is by far the most beautiful and most characteristic Marina in this sailing area” said Easy Swissa, Rally commodore.

“We were there for just two nights but felt as if we could stay for ever and a day”. She added the marina has a North African feeling with a big welcome, great hotels and fantastic restaurants.

All this with a belly dancing show on the quay!

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