Speed Limits In El Gouna

We would like to inform you of the speed limit regulation for any water craft inside the lagoons. The maximum speed for any water craft inside the lagoons is 10 miles per hour.

You will appreciate that this speed limit is for your safety as well as for other people using the lagoons for swimming, snorkeling or simply relaxing. The lagoons are surrounded with residences and any excessive speed also creates noise pollution which will be annoying to the residents, who have selected El Gouna to enjoy a peaceful environment, please be sensitive and give due consideration to your neighbors.

If the legal speed limit is not sufficient speed for you there are two options available. At this time phase 5 is not complete and has no residents, so no speed limits have been imposed. The open sea is of course the other option.

As was stated in our last communication on this matter, Orascom will accept no responsibility for injury, death or any damage to property, where water craft are involved, howsoever caused.

Once again we ask you to help to preserve the quality of life in El Gouna.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Customer Service Department

EXT. 4455 – 4466

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