ADSL Internet Speed in El Gouna dropped dramatically

Saturday, May 6th, 2006, 20.00 am

El Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt

Mid April 2006 El Gouna residents were suddenly cut off from the Broadband WIFI internet system which was set up in 2004/2005 by some European entrepreneurs in El Gouna. The whole system would be replaced by the local El Gouna IT department of Orascom.

To name an example, the staff of El Gouna Times was reconnected only yesterday, May 5th, 2006 to what should be a reliable ADSL internet connection, installed by the local El Gouna IT department of Orascom.

Today, Saturday, May 6th, 2006, the ADSL internet speed dropped dramatically to speeds which are only comparable with old fashioned modem dial-up speeds. Not only the staff of EGT, but residents all over El Gouna are facing the same problem regarding the internet connection speed.

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Click HERE to perform the Bandwidthmeter speedtest by yourself.

If you realize that the speed promised to us should be 256/128 Kbps for downloads/uploads, (position 2 of the LINKdotNET online price list, confirmed to us by Mr. Michael Keriakos from the local El Gouna IT Department of Orascom), you can imagine the problems we are facing now to perform the uploads and downloads to bring you the latest independent news about the wonderful Resort of El Gouna.

Therefore, we are sorry to announce that the Staff of El Gouna Times, for the moment being, is not able to update the El Gouna Times with pictures until telecommunication lines become stable and reliable in the El Gouna Resort.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hubert from Westgolf

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