El Gouna Times Staff online again

Finally, after the local division of Dot Link Net was having some technical problems to transform all of El Gouna to the ADSL Internet connection, now the El Gouna Times Staff has got its new Internet Connection at West Golf, El Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt.

And this means that now we will be able to bring you again new articles about sunny El Gouna in the upcoming weeks. Of course the nearly 600 previous articles, advertisements and interviews remain available as well in the menu here to the right.

Here below you’ll find the ADSL speedtest we just performed onto our new connection. Not as fast as we are used to in Europe (it’s even not yet double ISDN speed), and even only one third or half the speed we’ve had with the former broadband connection in El Gouna, but it means after all that our E-mails will come in live, we can start uploading tons of megabytes of new pictures we made in the last weeks, and we are also able to skype via
Skype User ID “el-gouna-times”.

Click HERE to perform the Bandwidthmeter speedtest by yourself.

Compare the speed May 2006 with the speed test we run in 2004/2005 wirh the former broadband connection at our Internet Page by CLICKING HERE

We remain available via Egypte Mobile: 010-84 456 83 as well.

Enjoy El Gouna and our El Gouna Times

Hubert from West Golf
Local Ext (708) – 5266

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