Le Deauville

Dining in Le Deauville at Abu Tig Marina is always a good experience. It’s the restaurant where the menu is written on a large blackboard standing along the sidewalk and the staff will carry it to your table.

Last time we were there, we had the Crevettes with salad and rice, in a Pernod sauce. Delicious. From your table you have one of the widest views onto the marina(s) with the beautiful yachts.

The staff at the Deauville is always very friendly and our compliments certainly go to the chef!
Prices are above El Gouna standards, but the food rewards you for the full 100%.

But in January 2010 the jumbo shrimps have disapeaded from the menu. It’s a pity!

Le Deauville
Abu Tig Marina
Ext 77902

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