Mamounia Maroccan Restaurant

Mamounia Maroccan Restaurant

A new restaurant opened on April 18th, 2006 in the Abu Tig Marina, next to the Ali Pasha Hotel and across the Shuttle bus stop, overlooking the beautiful marina in El Gouna, Egypt, and offering indoor and outdoor seatings, totalling 70 couverts.

With charming Maroccan lady manager Batoul, and two chefs from Maroc in command of the kitchen, the cuisine promises an exquisite experience. Besides typical salades, the main courses include Morocco’s famous couscous and lemon chicken as well as all sorts of tajines.

Offering a choice of 6 or 7 composed menu’s, you can also order in this stylish airconditioned restaurant à la carte, at moderate prices. Home delivery is possible too, minimum 8 persons.

Maroccon sweets, such as the cornes de gazelle are also served during day and evening. A sisha corner will round off your sensational journey to Marrakech’s Medina.

El Gouna Times went for a photo session because, allthough we cannot handover a taste of the cuisine via the internet, we can give you some photographic impressions about the fantastic interior, where moroccan artists were hired to sculpt the ceilling and create a mosaic fountain, while the original tableware was especially imported for the Mamounia.

El Gouna Times had a short interview with Momo Belkeziz, who is general manager of the Mamounia Restaurant.

Momo, 40 years, and El Gouna resident, married two months ago Batoul, and runs Mamounia with a staff of 9, ready for lunches and dinners. Momo speaks Arabic as well as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Momo, who is originally from Morocco, came to the El Gouna Resort 2 years ago and assisted in the transition of the Paradisio Hotel into Club Med being the general manager.

Momo is also general manager of the Events and Communications Center of El Gouna and the Mirage Open Air Disco. And in the near future you’ll meet him also as one of the driving forces behind the Tawila Island planning off-shore of El Gouna in the Red Sea.

More pictures can be found in the El Gouna Timers Photo Album:Restaurants > 2006 > Mamounia

Mamounia Marrocain Restaurant
Local Extension 77855
Mobile 012-5240350
E-Mail: [email protected]

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