WiFi and doing business in El Gouna

With the increased use of smartphones like Android, iPhone and tablets like the popular Ipad, every day more tourists use social networks like FaceBook, TripAdvisor and Foursquare or daily digital photoalbums like Flickr and TripColor while they are enjoying their vacation trip.
Also in El Gouna!

But roaming costs to the Internet can be very expensive. Free WiFi is appreciated!

Therefor local businesses should not underestimate the added value of offering WiFi access in their shop, cafe or restaurant for free to their customers. Because if people like the place, or the service or the prices, they will write down their experiences on the fly in those social networks when they have free access to WiFi.

It is quite easy and lowcost to offer free WiFi in El Gouna:
Install in a power socket a Huawei Home Gateway from Etisalat (one time cost of about 350 eg pounds = about 50 €) and have an Etisalat USB stick with a monthly subscription price of about 150 eg pounds for 6 gigabyte.
Put an easy password on the WiFi network and hand it it out to your customers if they ask for it. The gateway can deliver WiFi at about 15 meters range.
Several smartphones can use the WiFi at the same time without interference.

The advantage for you as a business(wo)man in El Gouna is that for a small running cost of about 5 pounds a day for the usb stick subscription, your customers will praise your business in the social networks and this will attrack more customers to your place, …as long as the other competition is not so clever to offer this service as well…

Example: a new library is next to the hospital: here free wifi is avalable after paying 1 euro entrance fee to the library. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is open every day from 10 till 22 hrs.

bibliotheca alexandrina

shady sitting areas with wifi

And if you have a website:
Android phones can read Flash written websites, but iOS devices like iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad from Apple Computer are not able to read websites in Flash script. So it can happen that your potential customer has such an Apple device, as there are already 250 million iOS devices sold.

If your website is using flash (like for example seascope submarines in el gouna), well, people with the money to buy Apple products will not be able to check your time table or pricelist… Clever? So you better make your website readable on smartphones and iPads without using flash scripting language.

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