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Here below we will post chronologically a short description of all new features or modifications concerning navigating our website.

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2005.07.26: Added on request a complete italian version to our Forum.

2005.07.20: The El Gouna Times staff has returned to Belgium for a short holiday. We will be back in El Gouna starting September 5th, 2005. Meanwhile, you can search our archives or become part of the interactive community around El Gouna Times by sending us free classified ads, comments, articles, photos, weblinks or information about news items concerning El Gouna.
Or use our Forum to introduce yourself to a growing community of El Gouna Fans and send in your questions. We will be glad to help you.

2005.06.28: Added so many pictures in the last week, that we have now already over 3500 pictures in the Photo Albums. And we have now already over 200 editorial articles published in different categories. Good to remember:

Several readers of our El Gouna Times Magazine mentioned that they didn’t know we’ve published in the last few weeks EVERY DAY at least 2 or 3 new editorial articles. Just to remember: our editorials are published around midnight Egyptian time. Those articles remain all day present on our Home Page The next night the articles of the previous day are replaced with new articles of today. But the articles of yesterday don’t disappear: all editorials are connected to a certain date and can thus be retrieved by clicking on the day in the calender here to the right. You get first a list with excerpts of the articles of that day. By clicking on “read the complete article” that text will expand including the appropriate images of that article.The articles are also stored in one or more categories in the archive, named: Columns/Posting. The archive of our Colums/Postings can be retrieved in the index here below to the right. You get first a list with excerpts of the articles of that category. By clicking on “read the complete article” the text will expand again.So by publishing each day 2 or 3 articles, we steadily build up an archive of articles divided into different categories, which remains available “forever” in the El Gouna Times archives. And: by using the “search box” here to the right, you can find any article in our archive that contains the searched word in the text.Our editorials will be published in english. Translations into german by Christian will be published only the next day (Christian needs first to know what we’ve published before translating), underneath the new english articles of the day. The german translations can be afterwards retrieved in the Columns/Postings under Editorials (Deutsch)

2005.06.21: Added pictures from wind surf school at Rihana and from New Nubia area to the photo albums.

2005.06.20: Added again some 200 pictures about ongoing construction works, this time from the Upper Nubian Area and Yalla Horse Stable at El Gouna. We now have over 2100 pictures in our Photo Albums.

2005.06.18: Added a series of video clips of shops and restaurants to our website with permission from Romolo of Radio El Gouna.

2005.06.17: Added about 200 new pictures about sightseeing in Downtown and the Marina to the Photo Album.

2005.06.16: Added about 280 new pictures of construction works at West Golf to the Photo Album.

2005.06.15: Added about 200 new pictures about sightseeing in Tamr Henna and Art Village to the Photo Album.

2005.06.14: Installed Broadband Internet connection at El Gouna Times office in West Golf via Wireless Hotspot

2005.06.13: Travelling to El Gouna

2005.06.12: Added information about how to advertise in the El Gouna Times.

2005.06.11: Inshallah in Germany! We are sorry to learn today that the outside webcam we ordered May 23rd by DHL EXPRESS service is still in Frankfurt. It will be probably delivered the day after I will leave to El Gouna. This means that we will be able to install only our office webcam, and not the outdoor webcam. It will be postponed till my next visit to El Gouna in August/September. (Sounds familiar to El Gouna residents… delivery is not always guaranteed to arrive at the promised day.)

2005.06.10: Today we have modified some of the renting advertisements: now including some pictures of the objects and roadmaps in which area the object is situated in El Gouna.

2005.06.08: We surpassed the first 1000 pictures and photos in our Photo Album today, as we added about 100 road maps of different locations in El Gouna into our Roadmaps Archive. We started also to add postings with roadmaps into our search engine which enables you in future to search for a certain spot in El Gouna and find a clickable situation Map plus zoom-in facility.

2005.06.07: New editorials about Business, Renting, Real Estate, Meeting announcements etc. Installed El Gouna Times Quicktime movies on certain pages. Preparing and installation (in photo albums) of road maps of El Gouna.

2005.06.04: Compacting previous posts in archives for May and June. Added another Photo Album in category Sightseeing with 226 pictures about rest of Egypt. Classified Ads: 9 new objects to rent…

2005.06.03: Our Elgouna Times Website has been approved by Google AdSense.

2005.06.02: Some of our users have started to fill their private photo albums in the El Gouna Times Photo Album. And Jochen has published a trick in the Forum how to show pictures in the Forum, which I thought was not possible. The Header of El Gouna Times has become clickable to return to the homepage.

2005.06.01: Installed the USB hub for several devices (photo camera, office webcam, Skype headset, beach webcam). First testdrive of the office webcam, still in Belgium. Jochen changed today the currency converter link from our news section into an owned El Gouna Times page, or better: he made two pages out of it. One to calculate on the fly the exchange rates for a lot of curencies, and another one which produces a “cheat sheet”: you can print it out and take it with you for quick calculation in the shops. Handy!

2005.05.31: An introduction to a new series of editorials has been added to the Columns/Postings: The Art of Living in El Gouna. In this series we will try to dig into different stories from tourists as well as from residents, and we’ll hope you can learn from them: to avoid the same mistakes, and achieve the same or even better results.

2005.05.30: My son Mike Savelberg is a divemaster in Hurghada. From time to time he will publish an article around diving in german language. His first article, concerning info’s about dive safari’s on the Red Sea, can be found under Travelreports.

2005.05.29: A new section in El Gouna Times has started, moderated by Han from West Golf: all the news about the local football team, playing at B-level next season: the latest transfer news, gossips, results and the 2005/2006 fixture list. The new Football postings appear in the menu at the right under Columns/Postings, so you can easily jump to the Football Archive in future. Click here for Han’s first article.

2005.05.28: In the english forum we have added a dedicated section for our children who want to make penfriends via El Gouna Times. One of our readers has send in over 100 pictures of his 2005 vacation in El Gouna, which are now part of the section Sightseeing of our Photo Album. We added also a Currency Converter to our News Links.

2005.05.27: Look at the bottom of the menu to the right: under META you will find a link to “Most Active Posts”. If you click it, you’ll get a page with the latest posts and comments on it So if you’ve been here before, you can quickly discover what posts and comments have been added since your last visit.

2005.05.26: We upgraded our El Gouna Weather page: wind forecast incorporated in the site after approval of the author of Also incorporated the weather forecast from for Hurghada (30 km south of El Gouna, so most of the time correponding with the weather forecast for El Gouna.) Added also the possibility to write comments not only to postings, but also to the static pages under the menu at the right.

2005.05.25: Added our Privacy Policy to the EGT Website

2005.05.24: Added website links and E-Mail links on our hotelrating page, waiting for photo shootings before the additonal EGT pages will be installed to offer space for comments of visitors.

2005.05.23: Advertisement banner exchange program installed. Updates in weather content. Outdoor Webcam ordered in Germany, delivery by DHL EXPRESS.

2005.05.22: We installed the free Skype Phone on our computer: you can connect to us via Skype internet phone at User ID: “el-gouna-times” or, if we are not in El Gouna, at User ID: “hubertsavelberg”.

2005.05.21: First version of our Forum in 4 languages installed. The interface for the Forum can be set to English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian or even Arabic! Activiated the Contact Form on the website. Added three external links (cnn , bbc , and reuters) to the new category: News Services about Egypt.

2005.05.20: New computer arrived to be installed at El Gouna office. Reviewed Import process for new pictures from camera to computer to website Photo Album.

2005.05.19: Added some Arabic translations for often used words. Prepared individual pages for events descriptions plus links from El Gouna Events page.

2005.05.18: Translations for Germand and French “About Pages” added to the Content section.

2005.05.18: Translations for Spanish, Italian and Dutch “About Pages” added to the Content section.

2005.05.18: Confirmation of Broadband Internet access possibility in West Golf area for connecting Webcam to the El Gouna Times website.

2005.05.17: First editorial completed, We added also a new content page: news only for El Gouna Residents.

2005.05.16: Selected group of El Gouna residents get sneak preview access. First reactions range from “brilliant…” via “super project…” to “begeistert…”

2005.05.12: Banner rotation application implemented.

2005.05.11: Poll application implemented, Photo Album installed and some 500 first images uploaded and catalogized.

2005.05.10: Historical link options added

2005.05.09: First content online in a Pre Release Version in various pages.

2005.05.08: Layout, Colours and Website Navigation defined by Jochen.

2005.05.06: Technical installments for preparing webserver space.

2005.05.04: Registration of the domain names:, and to prevent typo mistakes when telling about this website.

2005.04.28: Start of development of El Gouna Times idea after third visit to El Gouna in April.