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This website (actually it is called a weblog or blog), consists of Pages, Postings, Comments and Archives

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Several readers of our El Gouna Times Magazine mentioned that they didn’t know we’ve published in the last few weeks EVERY DAY at least 2 or 3 new editorial articles. Just to remember: our editorials are published around midnight Egyptian time. Those articles remain all day present on our main page The next night the articles of the previous day are replaced with new articles of today.

But the articles of yesterday don’t disappear: all editorials are connected to a certain date and can thus be retrieved by clicking on the day in the calender here to the right. You get first a list with excerpts of the articles of that day. By clicking on “read the complete article” that text will expand including the appropriate images of that article.

The articles are also stored in one or more categories in the archive, named: Columns/Posting. The archive of our Colums/Postings can be retrieved in the index here below to the right. You get first a list with excerpts of the articles of that category. By clicking on “read the complete article” the text will expand again.

So by publishing each day 2 or 3 articles, we steadily build up an archive divided into different categories, which remains available “forever” in the El Gouna Times archives. And: by using the “search box” here to the right, you can find any article in our archive that contains the searched word in the text.

Our editorials will be published in english. Translations into german by Christian will be published only the next day (Christian needs first to know what we’ve published before translating), underneath the new english articles of the day. The german translations can be afterwards retrieved in the Columns/Postings under Editorials (Deutsch)

Pages are available from the Content Index to the right, and have fixed information (eg hotel or events descriptions) and are listed in the Content Index.

A Posting is an editorial article that will be posted on the homepage of this website at the date of publication. All previous postings of the same category can be retrieved in the section Columns/Postings or in the Archives.

A Comment is a reaction anybody can add to a certain Page or Posting. Comments will be added to the end of that article, and the last line of the article will indicate if there are any Comments at all: anyone can write a comment to an published article if at the bottom of the article you find a link Write a Comment. If there is marked a link No Comments, no comments have been posted yet. If there is marked .. 4 Comments.., then you can click that link and will find additional comments of readers concerning that article.

If you’ve been visiting this prerelease version of our website El Gouna Times before, you can now quickly discover what new posts and comments have been added since your last visit. Look at the bottom of the menu to the right: under Meta you will find a link to Most Active Posts. If you click it, you’ll get a page with the latest posts and comments.

In the menu Content Index under About El Gouna Times you will find a link to New on Our Website where we post chronologically a short description of all new features or modifications concerning navigating our website.

In the English Forum we have added a dedicated section for our children who want to make penfriends via El Gouna Times. And of course, we invite you to become a member (it’s free!) and participate in our Forum Discussions.
Or post your own pictures or comments in our Photo Albums which contain now hundreds of El Gouna pictures.

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