Born and bred in Scotland… and loving El Gouna

Correspondence of June 19th, 2005 at West Golf, El Gouna Profile: Ron & May from Scotland, (family mainly in Canada & USA) Married couple, 55, English speaking Ron is an Electrical Engineer, May is with BAe Systems. Ron and May asked El Gouna Times to have a couple of pictures of their new villa under construction at West Golf Extension, so today we went for a walk, took a lot of pictures and have put together a photo album of their future property. click here to visit the Photo Album of Ron and May As a reward, Ron sent us […]

“I fell in Love with El Gouna”

Interview of June 16th, 2005 at West Golf, El Gouna Profile: Lisa and Steven Bradburry from UK (Welsh) Married couple, end 30, early 40, no children, English speaking Steven is an highway engineer at the local authorities, Lisa is a police officer. The story of Lisa and Steven is one like from many other couples: they visited Egypt first on a Nile Cruise back in 2003 and stayed a week or so at the Mövenpick El Gouna Resort. Within a few days Lisa fell in love with El Gouna, and via the Orascom Real Estate Agency they were introduced to […]

Cup Alarm!

Another funny story happened this morning. If you’ve read the previous story in our series of the Art of Living in El Gouna, you will be happy to learn that indeed, with the window now installed, I had no problems with the mosquitos this night. However, around 6.15am I awoke because I heard some repeating music, as if a musical alarm or a cellphone went off. I traced it back to this corner in the kitchen. So imagine what was this alarm? The Micro Wave oven, the Waterboiler, the Nescafe can, the sugarbox, or perhaps this little box on top […]

EGT arrived at El Gouna

I arrived late last night at El Gouna with about 97 kg of luggage. I was told by my landlord, and agreed before starting my trip, that the appartment I rent at West Golf is not yet completely furnished, and some small details have yet to be finished. In one bathroom some brickwork was done earlier that day (or perhaps last week…?) to construct a nice marble cupboard for the washing machine to be incorporated. The workmen probably thought it a good idea to leave open the small windows in the bathroom to have the cement hardened. Probably for that […]

The Art of Living in El Gouna (II)

I think I owe you a short “introduction” about my person, and the new series about The Art of Living in El Gouna is the appropriate section in the El Gouna Times to bring my own experiences also. I am 55, retiring from my ISP (internet service provider) business in Belgium, where my eldest son Joe will take over my business midst this year. He is assisting me in our company during the last 10 years, so I am quite confident about him and the company’s future. My youngest son Mike lives in Hurghada as a divemaster for about 2 […]

The Art of Living in El Gouna

In this series of editorials we will bring the experiences of people living in El Gouna. Motive to stay in El Gouna can be for very different reasons, and at first view we can differ between the following categories: Tourists, staying at one of the hotels Tourists, renting an appartment or villa. El Gouna lovers, looking for a suitable property. Owners, sometimes staying in their property in El Gouna Businessmen, living and working most of the time in El Gouna Families with children, living and working permanently in El Gouna, and Retired seniors, willing to live forever in El Gouna. […]