LATEST NEWS: Passenger Ferry in problems…

CNN just reported: Egyptian Passenger Ferry with 1,400 people on board has disappeared from radar screens in Red Sea off Saudi coast. The ship left Dubah, Saudi Arabia, en route to Egypt’s southern Port Safaga. Helicopters did spot several passengers in lifeboats and some survivors in the sea. Some dead bodies have been spotted also. Egyptian Ferry missing on Red Sea Developing story on: CNN WEBSITE

Update about Hospital Membership card

January 27th, 2006 Something is changed about the El Gouna Hospital membership card for residents. Few days after the meeting with the residents the General Manager Dr Medhat Milad answered with a good news. The annual fee for the card is changed and all the residents will pay as egyptians 120 LE instead of 405 LE or 60 euro requested before .The Hospital will refund the difference amount to all the residents that have already paid the card. The only big difference left that doesn’t make completely happy the residents is in the price list. A visit for example will […]

Open Letter from T. H.

We received the following “Open Letter” from T.H. from England to be published. All our worries have come home to roost.!! Prior to the more recent rumours about Mohammed / Hamada who operates out of Eva’s Warehouse between El Gouna and Hurghada we paid him a deposit for the furniture for our duplex last April, and in the early summer paid in full for white goods purchased at a trade fair in Cairo on our behalf.We had visited Eva’s warehouse, had been recommended by El gouna owners/businesses who had used him – and were taken to several properties that he […]

Questions about Hospital Membership Card

Residents are really disappointed about the El Gouna Hospital membership card issued from January 1st, 2006. (EGT reported about it in an earlier issue.) Residents visiting the El Gouna Hospital In the morning of January 24th a representative group of around 40 residents went to the hospital to complain and ask more details about the card required to continue the Egyptian price level . The point is that residents are not tourists, they live and work in El Gouna even if they are european. Up till the end of the last year residents were considered from the hospital like egyptians […]

Eid: Expect the Unexpected

Eid impressions during the Live concert of Meryam Fares Car parks full all around and many people sitting, standing and walking in the Marina last week for the live concert of the beautiful Lebanese singer Meryam Fares . The singer surprised all with her newest summer album called “Nadini Meryam” (call me Meryam) and her new natural look with curly hair, jeans , basic t-shirt, short: very eye-catching. Eid impressions during the Live concert of Meryam Fares The main and successful event of the Eid Celebrations in El Gouna has really taken the unexpected showing up that when something new […]

Nightlife in the Marina ?

Barten at the Abu Tig Marina There are many restaurants and bars in the new marina to spend the night but two of them usually are closed. The pictues here above shows Barten, which on the El Gouna website is being advertized as follows: “Barten, the smallest bar with modern and funky decor. It is definetely the place to be ! Open from 9 until the last guest leaves.” This advertisement and the billboard in front of the bar (below) let tourists and residents think that it’s true and exciting to go here, but nearly always during the year they […]

La Baleine Blanche

Discover the secrets of the Red sea – this is the 2005/2006 expedition of “la baleine blanche”, a french

El Gouna Hospital Membership Card

When I visited my dentist in the El Gouna Hospital the other day, I noted a sign at the cashier’s desk telling residents that from January 1st, 2006, a new hospital membership card is required