Laundry Services in El Gouna III

For all those readers who expressed being interested very much in “our” laundry experiences, here is a follow-up on the last two reports: there is a big difference in the quality of the laundry services between Abu Tig Marina and Downtown. Have a look at those same kind of bathing towels, the one that came back from Downtown (left) look much more grey and even the folding was done more clumsey. click image to enlarge The towels that came back from the Marina laundry service has nearly the same colour as the brandnew ones in my closet, and are softier […]

El Gouna Waterski School (I)

Today I got some private messages from readers who wanted to see more pictures from Chris Mol and his El Gouna Waterski School and expressed not willing to wait untill the interview with Chris will be published in the upcoming weeks. OK, OK, so i decided to put the complete series of the El gouna Waterski School already online today in a new Photo Album: Sports > Water Sports > El Gouna Waterski School So go ahead and have a look at some very nice snapshots…

Big Boyz Toyz (II)

click image to enlarge As I told already in another article earlier this week, Graham Thorpe started to import new “fun-carts” that can be driven around El Gouna. Most of them are electrical powered, one will be even equipped with solar cells, as us was told. click image to enlarge The day before yesterday we met Graham at Tamr Henna, where he was “letting out” his newest toy. Surprisingly, you don’t even hear any noise as he drove away. This however, might also become a problem in normal El Gouna Traffic. click image to enlarge Graham promised us to be […]

Motor Sport personalities in El Gouna

Pierre Kaffer, a professional race car driver in the Audi Factory Team for the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) arrived yesterday in El Gouna, to receive the keys of his newly bought property in El Gouna. ©2005 Pierre Kaffer Together with Daniel Breitbach, PR Manager of OHD (Orascom Hotels & Development, the company which is owner of El Gouna) we had the opportunity to meet Pierre Kaffer. Pierre, returning from a trip on the Red Sea (“as beautiful as on the Maladives, but only 3 hrs flight from home”) just harboured the speedboat in the Marina and invited us to come […]

Looking forward to Graham’s report

Today I ran twice into Graham Thorpe, a well-known resident of El Gouna who can be seen often at the golf courses of Steigenberger Golf Resort. In some private E-Mails, Graham told me about his adventure of importing some boyz-toys, golf carts or if you want, so called fun cars… This morning he discovered me in my yellow El Gouna Times T-Shirt at Downtown and told me excited that the container with the 8 cars had finally arrived after a 5 weeks Stay at the customs in Alexandria. This evening I met Graham again, and he told me his latest […]