El Gouna Radio prepares Radio Streaming via the internet

Radio El Gouna at Tamr Henna, run by Mr. Romolo Bellomia, is installing a radio streaming towards the internet. When visiting the website www.romolo.com/stream.htm, you can listen to the Radio El Gouna stream. The stream is using Microsoft’s Mediaplayer. Depending on which browser you are using, you need to install a plugin to be able to listen to El Gouna Radio via your internet connection. So now you can keep in touch with the “sounds of El Gouna”, even if you are at home. Deutsche Fassung?

Major Telecom Failure

Last night and this morning, June 21st, 2005, most of phone connections, cell-phone connections and internet connections were interrupted due to a major telecommunication failure somewhere between El Gouna and Caïro. When we asked Romolo from Radio El Gouna, he could only confirm there was a problem, but had not received any additional information about the failure from the telecom operator. Around 11 am this morning all systems were up and running again.

El Gouna Video Clips

We’ve found a series of Video Clips from El Gouna Radio/TV on the webpage www.romolo.com With the owner’s permission we provide here below the links which will open each videoclip in a new browser window. Attention, videoclips contain a lot of data, so if you connect with modem, it can take some time to load. Steak House Galatea Kiki’s Barten Casino El Taybeen Irish pub Jobo’s Jeep Safari Movenpick Steigenberger Rihana Papirus Peak Safari Sheraton Hedra El Mohandes Panorama Bungalows Ali Pacha – Tandoor Delfino blu Italian Fashion Motobike Ocean View The Hut Golf & Fitness Club Videoclips were produced […]

El Gouna Times office now online

As promised, Patrick Leemans and Romolo from Internet Club El Gouna came over to West Golf today to do some acrobatic work on the roof of the El Gouna Times appartment. As the following photo series will show you, within shortest time our computer was up and running on the El Gouna Broadband via A Wireless Hotspot connection. The biggest problem in installing the connection was, by the way, finding a ladder to reach the roof. Our computer connects via Ethernet to a Hotspot Station on the roof, which receives the signal from the Internet Antenna in El Gouna Downtown. […]

Be interviewed by El Gouna Times!

INTERVIEW in EL GOUNA We can make an interview of your company or business in El Gouna for FREE. Contact us by E-Mail via [email protected], and we will make an appointment to visit you, make an interview and take several pictures of you and your company. We will also develop a roadmap indicating the location of your business or company in El Gouna. Your interview will be published the first day on the headlines page, and will be for ever retrievable via the appropriate categories in Columns/Postings Archive or via the search engine of the El Gouna Times website.

New Website N&B Concepts

The El Gouna Company N&B Concepts has released its new website in English and French language. click here to visit www.nbconcept.com N&B Concept, is located in El Gouna since the early days of 2002. Their activities cover all aspects of inside decoration, from the study to the completion of residential projects. New on their website is the addition of Golf Carts. Because those Golf Carts can be driven throughout El Gouna, this might be an interesting alternative for transportation means. In the near future we will bring a more detailed report about this subject.

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PAID BANNERS AND SPONSORLINKS Yes, we are honest about it! We also want to earn some money. So we offer the possibility to buy rotation banner publicity at the TOP of the El Gouna Times pages, right below our TITLE. Don’t believe in banner publicity? We run a dedicated ad server where you can verify the number of showed banners and the number of times people have clicked on your banner to visit your website. Nothing to hide, because if your banner is a good one, you will get a lot of visitors via your banner publicity. In addition, we […]

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