About our Classified ads

CLASSIFIED ADS You can add a free Classified Advertisement in one or more of the languages we offer. Till the End of September of 2005 your advertisment will be published for FREE. Send your text for classified ads by E-Mail and don’t forget to add (if possible) some digital pictures. If you mention the location of the object or business, we will add a roadmap to your advertisement as well.

N&B Concept

N&B Concept est installée depuis début 2002 à El Gouna (Red Sea, Egypt). Nos activités concernent toutes les facettes de la décoration d’intérieur, de l’étude à la réalisation complète de projets résidentiels.

Real Estate Addresses

Read also the Columns/Postings concerning real estate: http://www.elgounatimes.com/category/real-estate/ In our Photo Album we have installed a series of albums with detailed pictures of ongoing construction works in El Gouna and renovation works in existing properties. We altogether have 3 real estate offices in El Gouna specialized in renting out apartments and houses – not only one. They can be contacted as follows: 1. PNP Property Solutions Melanie Braun and Ms. Daniela di Sabatino Email: [email protected] Ext. 2423 Mobile: 0020 – 12 – 233 80 65 Fax: 0020 – 12 -244 33 22 in El Gouna: Idea Furniture Shop, Tamr Henna, […]