Gesucht: Langzeitmiete

Ich arbeite und lebe bereits seit fünf Jahren in El Gouna. Ich suche ein Studio oder ein Apartment mit einem Schlafzimmer, bevorzugt in West Golf oder im Golf Area, gegebenenfalls auch in anderen Gegenden El Gounas.

Ashtanga yoga in El Gouna

FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST! Build strength and tone your muscles with an exhilarating yoga that revitalizes the body, reduces stress and keeps you in peak condition. Breathing is the heart of the Ashtanga discipline, which has been instrumental in improving the lives (and bodies) of celebrities like Madonna and Sting. It is a series of postures that tap into and circulate your vital energy, strengthening and purifying the nervous system. Learn the Ashtanga posture sequences with a qualified instructress, and you will acquire a solid yoga practice that is yours to develop over time. Ashtanga is ideal for all […]