Phase I Avaris visited

click image to enlarge Because Abydos Marina and Phase I are neighbouring areas, we visited also the Phase 1 Avaris White Villas. This area is a little bit outside the normal tourist routes, and known for its very exclusive villas. Some of them have beautiful gardens. So really interesting to stroll along and take some pictures. So we did today, and our photo album is here for you to be enjoyed. Situation map of Phase 1 Avaris White Villas: Click image to enlarge More pictures can be found in our Photo Album under SightSeeing > White Villas

The “Wall”

And indeed, this new area will become the future “South Marina Compound” which has, as far as we are informed…

Sightseeing in New Nubia

Inspite of the hot weather and little wind, the El Gouna Times staff visited today the New Nubia area with our digital camera. We installed a dedicated album in our Photo Albums section: SightSeeing > Nubian Areas > New Nubia June 2005 or click HERE to visit the album. When you walk in this area which is already several years finished, you’ll notice a lot of green and beautiful flowers in this area. For some newer parts of El Gouna it will take just some more time. El Gouna is beautiful! click image to enlarge

Building Progress at Upper Nubia

Yesterday evening and this morning we made a walk at Upper Nubian Villas and Appartments, where the construction works are right now quite busy. The first villa owners have moved in, while part of the appartments is just at the beginning stage. By the way: nearly every property that is being build right now in El Gouna is sold… Click on the following link to go the Photo Album: Real Estate > Real Estate Nubian Villas > Construction Pictures June 2005 Situation map of Upper Nubia click image to enlarge Detailed Map of Upper Nubia click image to enlarge

Italian Compound: WANTED

I am looking for any resale specially in italian compound, as i love this place. In real estate offices they say eveything is sold out, i can wait 2 years for apartment. Please send me any information as i want to move to el gouna to live here permanently. Anette Send offers by E-Mail via EGT: [email protected]

Construction Pictures West Golf June 2005

In our Photo Albums we publish not only sight seeing pictures from El Gouna, but also series of ongoing construction works. We received already a lot of requests from owners who are still at home in Europe being interested how the construction works of their future property in El Gouna proceeds. Today we couldn’t walk too far around, as we had still workers in our appartment at West Golf, finishing some small parts. So we went for a morning walk around Golf West and uploaded three new series of pictures, totalling about 280 pictures. For the techies: we uploaded the […]

Renting Prices Summer 2005

With the information we’ve extracted from a series of classified ads in the El Gouna Times for renting a villa or an appartment in El Gouna, one can easily compare how the renting prices are situated right now in El Gouna:

Real Estate Prices Spring 2005

First France, and now a No vote from the Dutch against the European constitution. What importance for El Gouna real estate?