FANAR Restaurant Youth Club

When one door will close another one will open . The sign of the new restaurant and youth club has already hung and the new opening will be at the beginning of March.

Nightlife in the Marina ?

Barten at the Abu Tig Marina There are many restaurants and bars in the new marina to spend the night but two of them usually are closed. The pictues here above shows Barten, which on the El Gouna website is being advertized as follows: “Barten, the smallest bar with modern and funky decor. It is definetely the place to be ! Open from 9 until the last guest leaves.” This advertisement and the billboard in front of the bar (below) let tourists and residents think that it’s true and exciting to go here, but nearly always during the year they […]

Moods – The Strides 30-12-05

Just wanted to mention about the excellent night we had at Moods on the marina when The Strides from Australia played live here on the 30th of December.