Extra Service for Tourists at Tamr Henna

For the important football match between Argentina and Germany in the FIFA Confederations Cup, some restaurants at Tamr Henna square erected this evening a large video projection screen to show the match in open air. With temperatures still above 30 ° C at eleven o’clock, the atmosphere will certainly become very hot during the evening. click image to enlarge BTW: The match ended 2:2… Deutsche Fassung

El Gouna Video Clips

We’ve found a series of Video Clips from El Gouna Radio/TV on the webpage www.romolo.com With the owner’s permission we provide here below the links which will open each videoclip in a new browser window. Attention, videoclips contain a lot of data, so if you connect with modem, it can take some time to load. Steak House Galatea Kiki’s Barten Casino El Taybeen Irish pub Jobo’s Jeep Safari Movenpick Steigenberger Rihana Papirus Peak Safari Sheraton Hedra El Mohandes Panorama Bungalows Ali Pacha – Tandoor Delfino blu Italian Fashion Motobike Ocean View The Hut Golf & Fitness Club Videoclips were produced […]