New Shops in El Balad

The Downtown zone comprised between Tamr Henna Pharmacy and has recently been developed into a commercial area

Green Gouna Bags

« Please use less plastic » is the message written on these jute bags

El Gouna’s Future ?

Some reflections about the future of El Gouna. A personal opinion from the editor of the El Gouna Times.

Owner Card conditions

For all El Gouna house and apartment owners, new owner card conditions came into force from the 1st of September 2005.

New Embroiderie Service in El Gouna

New Embroiderie Service in El Gouna At Tamr Henna, under the Arcades, a new Shop has been installed by Ibrahim Fahim and his charming daugther since August 2005: San Bola for Embroiding offers the opportunity to have special slogans, logo’s or hieroglyphic names to be put on your T-Shirt or Polo-shirt, caps, baskets, or towels without being washed out after some times. El Gouna Times has tested an example and after the shirt did pass even the El Gouna Laundry Test, we honestly can advide this service. Prices vary from 85 LE for a T-Shirt to 120 LE for a […]

Egyptian Money… learn the difference!

Have a good look at the bills: there are bills of LE = Egyptian Pounds, and there are also bills of Piasters. You will be not the first tourist who gets some bills of 50 Piasters instead of 50 Pounds. At one side of the bill is the arabic number, at the other side the western number. The bills mention also Pounds and Piasters. 50 pounds click image to enlarge 20 pounds click image to enlarge 10 pounds click image to enlarge 1 pound click image to enlarge 50 piasters click image to enlarge 25 piasters click image to enlarge […]

Sightseeing in Down Town El Gouna

Today we continued our walk throug Kafr El Gouna and made pictures of the Downtown area. For most visitors to El Gouna it is not quite sure where Downtown starts and Tamr Henna ends. But with those pictures added to our Photo Albums we have now completed the tour through Kafr El Gouna with the albums: Tamr Henna, Art Village and DownTown. In future articles we will visit most of the shops, hotels and restaurants and make more in depth reports about each business. To go to the new album click here for Album Downtown 2005-06 click image to enlarge

Abu Tig Marina series updated

Back in April we made already pictures from about half of the Abu Tig Marina and put them into our Abu Tig Marina Photo Album. Today we continued this walk and now the Abu Tig Marina Photo Album is quite complete. We will use those pictures to illustrate future articles concerning shops, restaurants, hotels and other srvices offered in this berautiful area of El Gouna. To go to the new album click here for the Abu Tig Marina Photo Album We added also some pictures from boats and yachts in the Marina and put those into the Harbour Photo Album […]