Sightseeing Pictures Tamr Henna

In our Photo Albums we added today 2 new albums with about 200 new impressions of a lazy afternoon in El Gouna… everybody was at the beach, so nice to show shops and businesses from Tamr Henna and the Art Village without people in front of the buildings. We will use those pictures in future to illustrate our upcoming articles and interviews about shopping and business in El Gouna. To situate the location of the photos, we include here below and in the photo albums a small map of this area where the pictures were taken. click image to enlarge […]

Cup Alarm!

Another funny story happened this morning. If you’ve read the previous story in our series of the Art of Living in El Gouna, you will be happy to learn that indeed, with the window now installed, I had no problems with the mosquitos this night. However, around 6.15am I awoke because I heard some repeating music, as if a musical alarm or a cellphone went off. I traced it back to this corner in the kitchen. So imagine what was this alarm? The Micro Wave oven, the Waterboiler, the Nescafe can, the sugarbox, or perhaps this little box on top […]