For the curious one… Gasoline prices

For tourists and future residents of El Gouna, it’s good to know that, allthough some things in Egypt are becoming rather expensive, there is one big advantage (besides the daily sun, sea and mentality of the very friendly locals) that cannot be topped by holiday resorts in Europe: local gasoline prices. Here below a picture, taken at the Gas Station in El Gouna Downtown: 1 liter of gasoil costs 1 LE (Egyptian Pound) and that means about 14 eurocents per liter. Start dreaming!

Speed Limits In El Gouna

We would like to inform you of the speed limit regulation for any water craft inside the lagoons. The maximum speed for any water craft inside the lagoons is 10 miles per hour. You will appreciate that this speed limit is for your safety as well as for other people using the lagoons for swimming, snorkeling or simply relaxing. The lagoons are surrounded with residences and any excessive speed also creates noise pollution which will be annoying to the residents, who have selected El Gouna to enjoy a peaceful environment, please be sensitive and give due consideration to your neighbors. […]

Once more: Ferry Disaster

Last week we tried to get information from the El Gouna Divecenters if they were able to give an helping hand in the search and rescue operations after the ferry disaster in the Red Sea.

Arrival of the new 6-seater TokTok

I have the pleasure to announce you (see pictures) the arrival of the new double tok tok, equipped with two ranges of seats. It was brought to El Gouna last week. by Eric Lambrechs