Traffic Control

Orascom made some traffice control improvements in El Gouna.

New Flights from Gatwick

A new airliner is starting flights from Gatwick to Hurghada For more information see

El Gouna’s Future ?

Some reflections about the future of El Gouna. A personal opinion from the editor of the El Gouna Times.

New Shuttle Bus Route

El Gouna shuttle bus is now implementing new routes to ensure further reliability and comfort to all Gounies.

Traffic situation in El Gouna

The hot discussions about traffic in El Gouna continues. Even if the Orascom management tries to improve the dangereous spots by new signs, extra warning lights at night, new pedestrian sidewalks and f.e. on the Steigenberger Bridge extra poles in the middle of the road and on top of the bridge to prevent overtaking, this doesn’t bother a lot of drivers. Our following report proves you have to start with the drivers. If they don’t care… (and on this moment they don’t) then somebody must at least take action to secure that those drivers do no longer enter El Gouna. […]

Accident images

Images of the accident spot are available in the following archive: Editorial > Articles of the Day > Accident 4th of July 2005

Reports on accidents?

A hot actuality was discussed those last two days in El Gouna: should El Gouna Times report about traffic accidents that happen in El Gouna, or should El Gouna Times bring only “just the good news” to keep tourists happy, but then residents would feel “uninformed” ? As EGT is not only independent, but also interactive, I would like to ask our readers to use the “Write a Comment” here underneath this article and send in your comments to this topic. Please, discuss this topic in a decent and polite manner, EGT reserves the right to delete unappropriate comments. Thank […]