E-Mail and Internet

We offer our readers a free E-Mail address ([email protected]).

This can be come handy when posting a comment to an article or anonymous classified ad and you do not want to publish your normal E-Mail address to the world. Classified ads always need an E-Mail address in order to give people the possibility to answer it.

Ask your free El Gouna Times E-Mail address today and we’ll mail the userlogin details to your existing mailbox.

Check here the LIVE Status of Data Transfer from our EUREGIO.NET server in our Datacenter in Brussels, Belgium, on which the website of El Gouna Times is hosted.

Brussels Backbone

Local Internet providers in El Gouna:

Orascom ISP / Internet
EXT 2283

El Gouna Internet Club
Tamr Henna
EXT 2171

El Gouna Internet Club
Mövenpick Hotel (lobby)
EXT 11

El Gouna Internet Club
Sultan Bey Hotel
EXT 14

Internet Café
Rihana Hotel
EXT 2220

Abu Tig Marina Office
Abu Tig Marina
EXT 2249

Some additional Internet Notes:


Broadband Hotspot Internet 2004/2005 not anymore available in El Gouna!

It’s a pity, because the previous broadband connection was running at a speed well over 200 K.

Previous speed test gave the following result:

click image to zoom

Now, the new Link Dot Net connection (starting April/May 2006) is for the moment somewhere between 55 and 110 kbps.

Click HERE to perform the Bandwidthmeter speedtest by yourself.